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staying home alone on a friday,
flat on the floor looking back
on old love.
or lack thereof.
after all the crushes are faded,
and all my wishful thinking was wrong.
i'm jaded.
i hate it.

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[May 31 2007]
[ mood | tired ]

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday (excluding the year)and list three neat events, two deaths and one birth.

+ 2006 - An enquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales concludes that she was not murdered.
+ 1939 - Winter War: The Soviet Union is expelled from the League of Nations.
+ 1819 - Alabama becomes the 22nd U.S. state.

+ 2003 - Jeanne Crain, American actress (b. 1925).
+ 1799 - George Washington, first President of the United States (b. 1732).

+ 1988 - Vanessa Anne Hudgens, American actress.

i might have to get back into this whole livejournalhabit thing.
geez, i suck at life.

& i'm in trouble for being on the computer too late.

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[May 28 2007]
[ mood | sentimental ]

it's been half my life since i last posted.
i suck at this.

too much has happened to write any of it down.
good and bad.
completely stupid.
i should've tried to keep track.

i think i'll just do this instead -
TRY THIS: Write 10 statements intended towards 10 different people but never tell them it was about them or would never say it to their face or something you wish you would have said, but didnt.

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[November 7 2006]
[ mood | EMO. ]

jonathon and i have decided that our lives are depressing.
we're slitting our wrists.
juuuuust for future reference. ;)

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[May 9 2006]
[ mood | blah ]

update anyone?

i should get on that.
oh well.

i think i've officially given up on updating.
andd, i think myspace has officially taken over where lj left off in comsuming my life.
how sad is that?
he first thing i do when i get home, before saying heyy to anyone, is check my myspace.
it's pathetic.

well i'm going to keep my lj, i think.
i like the icons. =)

later babydolls.

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[March 12 2006]
[ mood | curious ]

so basically i haven't updated in a million years.
i should probably get on thatttt.
i just have trouble with writing about my day.
i neverrr know what all to write about.
oooooh well.

i can't remember what all had happened to me and what i wrote in my last post.
how sad is that?
but nothing too major has happened to me.

sorry this was ridiculously short considering how long its been, but it's something.  (:
desperate housewives is about to come on, too .. lol
then there's grey's anatomy.
oh how i love sunday nights.  (:

i'm going to try really, really, really, really, really hard to update tomorrow.
i'm not guaranteeing anything though.
lo siento mis amigos de lj.
i missed you!

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[December 29 2005]
[ mood | tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired ]

i don't really want to fill everyone in on everything that's happened to me since the last i updated.
because that would take forever.
just a couple of high points.
+ turned 16 & got my license.
- got a flat tire my first time on the interstate alone.
+ santa was very good to me this year.
+ wv syncro won the southern synchro challenge again.
- my formal date broke his pubic bone. i no longer have a date to formal.

that's the most important stuff. probably.

right now i’m just chizzillin at s-dizzle’s house updating for the first time in a long time.
and now a survey you probably won't even read. :)

i give up!Collapse )

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[December 6 2005]
[ mood | gayass grades make me depressd ]

it's been far far too long.
i'm a bad person.
i promise more later, but right now i'm not even supposed to be on the computer (homework).

but for now .. to keep you all occupied ..

Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a thought, a fear, a love, an opinion -- anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

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[November 18 2005]
[ mood | tiiiiired ]

i decided to be cool and make some random icons.
i got so carried away with it that i was up until about 1 in the morning.
oh well. i'm a loser. who isn't these days?

anyways, just incase you want some.
i don't know where in the world else i could possibly put them.
hmph.Collapse )

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[November 12 2005]
[ mood | la la la la la la la la la ]

i haven't updated in a very long time.

this week has been pretty shitty.
priddy shiddy indeed.

- started the week off my getting hit in the head with sahana's water bottle. i have a lump that still hurts on my temple. she ment to hit my backpack but kind of missed.
- then someone was a complete and udder ass to me, which pretty much sucked. 
- then i got my report card back with not one b, but two. that's the worst i have ever done on a report card.
- at skating that night i ran into the wall. no, i didn't run into it, i slammed into it. my hip, my knee, and my elbow are completely bruised.
+ someone then called me and apologized, which i must admit, was very big of them. thank you!
- then i found something pretty fucking hilariously idiotic out.

i guess the whole week wasn't all bad though ..
+ i had some fun at school, especially during english. i freaking love our back corner, even though i have apparently been booted off of the island, and jeremy hates me, and i suck at life .. lol. but i won't quit life because, ya know, quitters never win. and it definitely was not me that stole lesley's poem book. it was under jordan's desk anyways.
+ robbie came in this weekend! i haven't seen him in like three years, so that was pretty cool. he, nick, sahana, and i went bowling, ate at rio, and then came over to my house for a little while.
+ s-dizzle then stayed the nightizzle for rizzle. which was fab, as usual!
+ and i got to go to the mall two days in a row. can i get a hell yes?!
+ after synchro, tess & dee came out and ate at rice bowl with my mom and i. that was fun.
+ tess is now spending the night. but before she could stay the night i had to go with her and her mom to their church to set up for pictures. their church is scary without all the lights on! and then, of course, there was that x-rated movie tess and i made, lol.

tomorrow i have a lot of homework to do and i have synchro and i have learn-to-skate and i have to make lesley cupcakes. oh my. i am going to have a freaking busy tomorrow.

you all sleep tight tonight though!
la-la-la-love to you, baby.

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[October 28 2005]
[ mood | sick & tired, not in a bad way ]

tonight was fun.

s.dizzle and i went to see prime with uma thurman & bryan greenberg.
it was really good .. except for the ending .. the ending thoroughly sucked.
bryan greenberg is my latest crush though. definitely. me gusta. he is hot as hell.
and that's hot. i can't blame uma for slumping by fourteen years. i would have done the same. :)

seems as though sahana had even more fun once she got home though. ;)
lucky bitch.
i had an okay time once i got home too though .. lol.
i'll stop there. leave some to your imagination. hehe.

i get to go to the mall tomorrow.
i am so fucking excited.
i haven't been in seriously forever. well it's forever for me. it's probably more like 2-3 weeks, lol.

plus i got paid yesterday. heck yes.
i'm going to attempt to save my money though .. for a coach purse.
hehehe. ME GUSTA.

& i think i'm getting sick.
well not getting sick. i'm pretty sure i am sick. eff.

AND i got my effing leaf project back today. effing 89%. EFF. you don't understand how pissed i am about that .. i worked so hard on that project .. and i got one of the lowest grades. EFF. no, not eff, FUCK.

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[October 25 2005]
[ mood | hating my grades .. too much ]

highlight your movies .. then add 3 ♥Collapse )

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[October 22 2005]
[ mood | blank ]

last night was great. i actually had a pretty great time.

+ dining at rio .. w/ mr.vance & mrs.justice, lol
+ waiting outside rio and looking in .. and .. is that who i think it was?!
+ arriving to the game and getting taken to nick.
+ getting some pda from nick and someone other than my bff .. wtf?!
+ going into the student section and getting squished in between the rows of people it was so packed.
+ going back out to hang with nick and his crew .. which seemed like it was fun people other than me
+ going back into the student section and standing with purdy & quentin
+ being pushed around by every other drunk guy
+ going to find jason and talking to him for like ten minutes
+ feeling way cool with my jeans soaked six-inches-up
+ dealing with a very wasted damian
+ s-dizzle chilling with her homeboy while i hung out with her little sister, purdy, lesley, quentin & that same VERY wasted damian.
+ making my way out of the student section to go find sahana so rashi, quentin & i could leave
+ saw isaiah .. he looked better than when i saw him the first time
+ finding sahana and tearing her away from her love.
+ getting a hug from a something on my way out
+ getting a big wave from garrett and his cute friend i always see him with
+ coming home and telling my mom all about it
+ getting into my very inviting bed
+ going to sleep

today i'm chilling at home w/ no shower. i love these sorts of days :)
but i gotta be doing homework so i must go.

i like me a something ;)

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[October 18 2005]
[ mood | a little disappointed :( ]

another highlight-all-that-apply-to-you thing ♥Collapse )


[October 15 2005]
[ mood | content ]


i've had soo much fun the past couple of nights. SOOO much fun.

friday night sahana came over for a little while and she worked on her leaf project some. and then right before she was getting ready to leave quentin and damian came over. we played bad mitten/tennis for a while and then decide to play a little joke on chase. so quentin called him to make sure he was home, and then handed the phone to sahana and we walked around the back. she started talking to him about what he was wearing and things like that while we were looking in his window at him. i'm pretty sure he was freaked out .. even though he won't admit it. then sahana had to go home and quentin, damian, and chase came over to my house. HA! the guys pogo-sticked and balanced on stilts for a while, then we hung out in the garage .. and then we played lights-out. ok that game is too much fun .. even though i completely suck at it. i was it every other time. then chase had to go home and quentin and damian hung around for like another half an hour. we went out onto the porch and chase came back over for a little while. then quentin and damian's ride came, and i went back home.
ps. 142 steps from here to there.

today sahana came over and we washed my car.  ... that was and experience, but we didn't do too bad for our first time, lol. chase was out walking his brother's dog for a while and stopped by a couple of times .. but he didn't help any, lol. then sahana, chase, and i walked to mcdonalds and then to krogers to get my mom some ziploc baggies. while we were there we saw kathy showen and she gave us a ride back to my house. chase went home, and then sahana and i decided to go see elizabethtown. called chase to see if he wanted to go and he did, so we called quentin so chase wouldn't be the only boy. the movie was pretty good .. the very best part was definitely orlando bloom. the movie in itself was a little weird .. but orlando bloom's random fits were fantastic. i'm in love with him. i really am .. anyways .. sahana's dad came to get us and everyone went there separate ways.

PLUS my leaf project is done. completely, one hundred percent done. Hallelujah.
i have NEVER been done a day early on a project .. ever. freak yes!

now i'm getting pretty tired, so i think i just might head off to bed.
night y'all.


[October 14 2005]
kailyn needs ..Collapse )

[October 11 2005]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

i hate writing about my day.
i never know what to include.
what was more important than other things.
what i want people to know, and how much of that i want people to know.

oh well.

pictures today .. and it was possibly my worst hair-day of the year .. yea, THAT'S how lucky i am.

and ms. smith and ms. tunnell are insane. just a side note.

and leaves are stupid.

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[October 8 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

tell my who i should be to make you love meCollapse )

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[October 7 2005]
[ mood | unimportant ]

start taking notes boys ..Collapse )

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[October 1 2005]
[ mood | annoyed ]

this is really funny actually.
i dare you all to go to this website .. http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi and find out what your slogan is.

leave a comment and tell me what yours is!!
mine's .. You're in Good Hands with Kailyn.
haha. don't you hope so ;)

anyways .. last night was fun. that new thing that you got, sahana, is pretty rad. actually, i think wicked hot is a better term, lol. :)
i feel really bad for ally. that was a pretty jerky thing that chase did .. i seriously can't believe him.
but yay for r & q. that's like the cutest thing since buttons, lol.

right now my brother and like three of his friends are in the family room screaming while playing some video game. i'm about to go in there and yell at them to shut the fuck up. not to mention that our ex-neighbors are in .. and let me tell you, we were beyond ecstatic when they moved. the mom is a flat out bitch and loves to brag. the dad is unbelievably egotistical and likes to brag. and the kid is a freaking brat and really enjoys putting my brother down and making him feel left out, and oh yea, he loves to brag. i can't effing stand them. i have actually yelled at the kid to lay off of my brother before when he and this other kid were making him feel pretty left out. ((SCREAM!!!!))

so later today is my little brother's birthday party .. that should be fun. herding little kids around the cross lanes elementary playground. yay. i can't wait. after that is leaf collecting. my mom is being really adament about starting on that today. shit.

oh well. i've got to go get cleaned up.
wish me sanity.♥

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[September 29 2005]
[ mood | blah ]

the minuses ...
- my love life sucks
- i really need someone to teach me how to flirt
- i hate mrs. tunnell
- i hate b. smith
- i hate the way my synchro coach talks to me
- i hate the way my synchro coach won't listen to me
- i hate the way some people (cough cough) bitch about everything because they think they're right
- i hate how prudish my parents are .. ex. if i leave the computer on at night, don't make my bed up, am not down here to wait on the showens by 7:15 i get no computer for a day .. honestly? wtf?!
- i hate how jealous i am of you two .. yes you two know who you are .. i want a relationship like you all have .. and i just don't see it anywhere in my near future .. shit

the pluses ...
+ mrs. megyesi is a good laugh .. especially when she isn't trying to be
+ watching mr. asbury write on the board is a major plus
+ my friends are great like woah
+ sometimes my luck is soo bad ..
+ having a crush is fun to the nth
+ my synchro coach (every now and then) will acknowledge when i'm doing something right (woot!)
+ watching that one boy .. with that face .. and that hair .. and those clothes .. and that car .. and that job .. and that personality .. and that butt .. damn boy ..just damn
+ i finished my essay


well i'm tired, and i still have a butt load of homework to do, so more later maybe
ciao bellas .. buenas noches


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